Sunday, November 29, 2009


Lots on my plate costume-wise. I've finished my reticule, and even thought the color combination is not entirely Regency, I think it is otherwise perfect! I'm almost finished with my fan and dress, and mom is building a necklace for me. My shoes arrived last week, and I'm walking around the house in them to break them in. I'm debating about the fan, I really want to add lace on top of the solid color, but I'm afraid it will look Victorian and not Regency.
Thanksgiving was pretty nice this year. Very quiet though. We had dinner with Patrick's mom and Aunt and my mom. His sister and cousins joined us for dessert. Oh yeah, and 5 dogs all together. Dessert was much more lively than dinner! At least there was no fighting :D

Sunday, November 8, 2009

gloves and dressforms and petticoats, oh my!

So, I've had a busy couple of weekends. My darling husband surprised me with a very useful gift; a dressform! I was floored and am still quite excited about it. Last weekend, I went to a couple of antique stores with my mom and lo and behold, I found a pair of opera gloves that fit perfectly. For $10. So I snagged them. I'll most likely still work on making some, but these will work in the meantime as I am working towards some bigger projects too.
I also found a little footstool which I will eventually be sanding down and repainting to be used for sitting on at Regency picnics. And, I purchased some costume pearls that mom will be using to make me a necklace. Fun fun.
I just finished making a petticoat, and am glad to be done with it. I made too many mistakes to count, but will hopefully be able to put what I've learned towards the other items in this pattern, the next of which I shall be starting this week.