Sunday, April 18, 2010

mundane to enlivened

We started out this weekend with no plans whatsoever. Then, we started cleaning. Granted, my in-laws are visiting next weekend and we would have needed to clean anyway. About half an hour into the downstairs, I remember their impending visit and the fact that my sewing room is also the guest room. And how incredibly messy and uninhabitable it is. So, I proceeded to that room. I had, for a couple months now, been toying with the idea of clearing out my old crafts in that room which were mostly abandoned or otherwise unused supplies. In place of said supplies, I could organise my ever growing pile of material. This seemed like a good time to commence with that project. And it was! I gave away to some neighbor kids my student grade chalk pastels and paints, and some candle making supplies and a never attempted kit for making paper. The first 2 I have just upgraded to more professional versions and did not want to waste the student grade stuff, the last 2... well, they seemed like a great idea and lots of fun, but I never got around to it, and I have been in a decluter mode over the last six months or so. We also moved my sewing desk downstairs to the living room where I can sew while my darling plays his games. This will also force me to keep it somewhat clean. I rearraned the guest room, and we moved the fish tank and movies over to accomodate the sewing desk. I am utterly pleased with the outcome. The living room actually looks more open as we were able to move two other tables out and a chair to the other end of the room.
Oh, and somewhere in there I was able to finish my stay!!! I'm calling it my dreamsicle, due to the color combo. I am also working on a new day dress and I just got some new material for a new evening dress, and some material and a pattern for a modern purse. Oh! I'm really excited about a shoe pattern I saw in Butterick. I think one of them will be perfect for Regency and I cannot wait to find the pattern and try it out (the store was out of them, or I would have purchased it right then!!)
Cheers, and Blessings,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Embroidery work

I decided to try my hand again at embroidery, and do a little work on the stay that I'm making. Aside from a little buckling, I'm pretty happy with it. I've finished seam ripping on the old day dress, and have yet to start over on the new pattern. I think I will keep the skirt from simplicity pattern and go with the bodice from La Mode Bagatelle, incorporating the drawstring capability from Simplicity. This will be my first foray into mixing patterns. Seems simple on the surface... I'm sure it will not be though :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fabric shopping day!

I went shopping with Nora today, and acquired some new project material! I am in need of a new stay, as my first one was the first clothing item I attempted and is fraying a bit. We can't have that most important garment falling apart. I purchased the peach fabric for my regency wear, and the brown fabric is to attempt the same stay but with modern fastenings. We'll see.
The other pattern is completely modern. It's one I acquired for Christmas and am going to attempt a long sleeve and short sleeve with the 2 fabrics you see. It's supposed to be a stretchy fabric (which the pink is) and I'm a little terrified of that due to lack of experience, but this is how we learn! :) The patterned fabric will be interesting. linen, not terribly stretchy, and I will have to place the pattern very carefully. So all in all, I've not chosen an easy couple of projects for myself, but when have I ever done that? I really can't wait to start, but I reaaaaaly need to clean the sewing room. It's a huge mess and I think I would be happier starting with a clean space. :( So maybe that will be a motivator

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So, since all of my readers were actually at the Mid Winter Ball aka Her Odysey's birthday bash, I don't feel to bad about not updating until now. :)
It was a lovely affair, I only wish I would have thought to step outside to view the lake which we were apparently next to. It was so dark by the time I arrived that I did not realize the vicinity. I also wish I had made the decision to wear my pelisse as it was much cooler there then when I left home! Since I did not get to show it off there, I will show it off here.

And the cake! Soooo beautiful and delectable and I only tried 1 piece, but I belive there were 3 or 4 different flavors. Not enough dancing, but that was an attendee decision as the caller tried numerous times to get people involved.

More classwork to post. We have a new model and I'll show the initial drawing, as I know the progession I made this week is leading somwhere good, I just dislike how it appears now.

Cheers, and I hope everyone's week is going well.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last minute

As usual, I am putting the last minute touches on something the night prior to an event! At least this time it is not something I won't be able to finish tomorrow. Can't wait for the fitting tribute to our most honorable leader, Her Odyssey, taking place tomorrow eve'n. Pictures to follow :)
Oh, we've also started a new pose for class and I'm thrilled with my start :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My painting class is still going strong. The 4 week pose we were working on is finished, although the painting is not. I intend to continue with it from memory, but here is my progress so far.

Yes her face is deplorable, but it is actually just a foundation for the shadows, as opposed to actual features. I'm quite happy with the progress of the legs at this point.

I've created a sort of braid for my pelisse front. I can't decide if I want to create buttons to go through the 'leaves' of this, or just hook and eye. I think the buttons would be nice, if they don't look out of place if the coat is worn open.

I'm very excited about a ball to be held next weekend. It's in honor of my friend Stephanie and is the perfect remedy to the drabness created by the rain. I'll be in my same gown, but I think I'll find some new accessories; maybe a bandeau with a feather? My mother finished my pearl choker so I'll be wearing that. And of course I'll be finished with my pelisse, right?
Much love,

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hmm, a busy week to recap. Mom took me birthday shopping Saturday last, and she got me a rather cunning jewlery stand and a lovely shawl that I think will do nicely for Regency events.

Sunday my husband and I spent the day outside cleaning; he on the roof, me in the yard/garden area. One must take advantage of sunny weather in Oregon.
Tuesday marked my 4th day of this figure painting class I'm taking. I took pictures to document my progress so far. The first image is after 2 sittings with that model in that pose; the second is our 3rd sitting. We have one more class to finish this pose up, so I hope I can accomplish that. I am happy to note that my teacher has gone from correcting my mistakes to saying "very nice" as she passes me by.

I'm trying a new yoga class tonight, so that will be nice.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Country hours, indeed

A lot to recap over the last week. New Years Day, my mom and I went to see Raphael's La Donna Velata (The Woman with the Veil) before it left Portland. She was so beautiful in person that I honestly teared up while gazing at her. This is a paltry example, but it may give some idea as what I was looking at.

I also made fair progress on my Regency coat. I've decided that the term 'pelerine' was incorrect. I believe this is actually a redingote or pelisse. In any case, it was quite functional enough to wear to the Feast of the Twelfth Night held Saturday last.

This event was by far the most elegant of my experiences with our Regency group to date. We began with a Whist and conversation. I made several new friends and was able to catch up with established friends. I was once again moved to watery eyes while listening to the lovely Lady Lauren sing. Again, so much more powerful in person than as recorded. We progressed on to a full 3 course meal that was beyond sumptuous, with much gaity amongst the guests. Brava Stephanie for the evening and Brava Stephanie II for the meal. It was incomprable to any meal I've yet partaken in and not likely to be forgotten soon, especially since I'm pretty sure I was still full the next morning and did not become hungry again until the next afternoon! We danced afterwards, strolled the park and then a few of the party progressed on to Ms Connie's lovely home for more dancing and parlor games. All in all a most enjoyable week.
Also, I am starting a figure painting class today, so more on that soon, I'm sure.
Cheers and Blessings