Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hmm, a busy week to recap. Mom took me birthday shopping Saturday last, and she got me a rather cunning jewlery stand and a lovely shawl that I think will do nicely for Regency events.

Sunday my husband and I spent the day outside cleaning; he on the roof, me in the yard/garden area. One must take advantage of sunny weather in Oregon.
Tuesday marked my 4th day of this figure painting class I'm taking. I took pictures to document my progress so far. The first image is after 2 sittings with that model in that pose; the second is our 3rd sitting. We have one more class to finish this pose up, so I hope I can accomplish that. I am happy to note that my teacher has gone from correcting my mistakes to saying "very nice" as she passes me by.

I'm trying a new yoga class tonight, so that will be nice.


  1. hmm, my pictures are switched. The fist image is after 3 sittings, the 2nd image is after 2.

  2. I was wondering about that. The first image definitely looks better and more refined than the second image. I'm glad you're enjoying you class. Are you coming to the Tea at Connie's?