Sunday, February 14, 2010

My painting class is still going strong. The 4 week pose we were working on is finished, although the painting is not. I intend to continue with it from memory, but here is my progress so far.

Yes her face is deplorable, but it is actually just a foundation for the shadows, as opposed to actual features. I'm quite happy with the progress of the legs at this point.

I've created a sort of braid for my pelisse front. I can't decide if I want to create buttons to go through the 'leaves' of this, or just hook and eye. I think the buttons would be nice, if they don't look out of place if the coat is worn open.

I'm very excited about a ball to be held next weekend. It's in honor of my friend Stephanie and is the perfect remedy to the drabness created by the rain. I'll be in my same gown, but I think I'll find some new accessories; maybe a bandeau with a feather? My mother finished my pearl choker so I'll be wearing that. And of course I'll be finished with my pelisse, right?
Much love,

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