Monday, December 14, 2009

out of the mire

hmmm, feeling a weight lifted tonight. Earlier in the year I had agreed to partner with my then brother in law to create the images for a comic that he was writing. It was nothing like anything I had ever done before, but the idea of drawing comics intrigued me so I took it on. Since then, I've done very little actual work on it; I just couldn't get into it, and there was always some other project to do. So months later, when I start to sketch something I want, or spend hours sewing or reading, I feel guilty for not working on his project. Not good. I even agreed to stay on the project after it came to light that he and my husband's sister were divorcing. Probably out of guilt or some deep seated need to not disappoint anyone; I knew by then that I was regretting the decision to work on the project. Well, I finally let him know last night that I was going to drop the project. I quashed those guilty feelings and did what is probably the right thing for both of us, since I can't see me ever getting into it, and frankly, I have much higher priorities.
On a much light note, my Christmas shopping was done almost entirely on etsy and in the process, I aquired the most charming fingerless gloves. I received them via post today, and have not wanted to remove them since.


  1. I love your gloves! I hope things work out on the in-law front.

  2. Thanks Lauren! I'm sure they will :)

  3. HI Charlotte! you didnt tell me you're bloggy girl now :) I love the fingerless gloves, they look very snuggle-y. Etsy Rocks. Happy New Year. --Tara