Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Almost Ready!

Back to my list of things to do. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but my black dress can be one of my day dresses, so I’m all finished with my dresses. Woot! I looked back and realized I meant to work up my red in the same style as an extant gown I saw, but I got so excited about a new pattern I acquired that I forgot all about that goal. I’m also nixing the second nightgown, unless I get everything done with several days to spare (haha). I really don’t need more than one nightgown; it just was a nice thought.  I’m definitely nixing making more bonnets before the retreat. I’ll be making at least one there, so no need to make more beforehand. The weather has already turned c.c.c.cold and rainy, so the likelihood of us jaunting about the grounds is pretty minimal. I’ve finished recovering the parasol to give away and I’m mostly happy with it; it’s not quite as taught at the top as I’d like, but I really didn’t have time to take it apart and redo all the seams. Mrs. Nora has a new pair of slippers, and she seems to be in love with them. :) I also drew up my pattern for the shoe workshop I’m giving at the retreat and it looks like it will be a good working pattern. Hmm, I’ve also completed the calligraphy for the name plates which will adorn each guest’s door.

Let’s see, today is Wednesday, and I have until Thurs around noon to finish the following:

Help decorate the center for the retreat.
Mob cap
Finish dressing Robe
Boots for me
Attaching my pocket watch to a short chain to pin to my dresses
Reticule from spare parasol fabric for the raffle

Look at that lovely handle

Completed parasol

Name plates
It’s not a completely outrageous list, and I just might be able to get it done.

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  1. your shoes are impressive..ill be wearing them and my dressing gown at home!