Friday, August 12, 2011

More Drawstring progress

I had a minor setback of setting my sleeves slightly off kilter (which I do
more than I'd like to admit - it's not that I put them on the wrong side, I
just rotate them slightly off) and after the ensuing panic that "it fit without the
sleeves, what's going on?!?" I realized my mistake, then went through
the painstaking process of removing french seams, resetting them and
now they are good again. As you can see, I've attached the skirt to
bodice, added two drawstrings and it looks pretty good. Except for
my enevitable issue of the back being too big, right in the top center.
Which is so weird, because this is the exact same pattern that I used
for the purple sheer, and that back fit beautifully. Sigh. Well, I should
be able to get some pleated ruffles made and I suppose I can tuck that
 in when attaching the trim. I'm so close to being done at this point. And,
happy day, I have plenty of the linen left over, so I made myself a simple
drawtring skirt for daily wear.

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