Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Year in Review

Yes, it has been well over a year since I stumbled through a posting. But! I am happy to report that time was not wasted and following is a bit of my activities over the months.
Rolling back the calendar to…
Summer last, we went to the beach with friends several times, because that’s what Oregonians do you see.
I think the pups enjoy it as much as we do
The view just sets my heart at ease

My Regency events were as follows:
In May, a picnic in Eugene

a little dancing
a group shot

I just loved this blue gown

The Annual Pittock picnic in July

Reposing under an obliging tree

Miss Nora in all her loveliness

The (faux) Fox Hunt in September
I decorated a top hat for my riding outfit, and I really just want to wear the thing all the time

the group milling about pre-hunt

The October Autumn Assembly. My and Nora’s first event that we planned and executed. It was quite lovely and simple.

at table
a stroll around the lake
and some dancing

The JASNA convention!! Oh how I wish wish wish I could have attended this conference as it was right here in my home town!! I, however, had to settle with merely perusing the shop that was set up.

some inspiration for a shawl in progess

A Tea in Sumner, WA November last

A bouquet of bonnets

a view of the lovely room we dined in

A crossover gown I think I’ve taken apart since…

Nora and I
Oh and the Masque in November. Dress as a villain, pre 1820.

What sly look is this?
And we keep on rolling on into this year…
January brought our 2nd Winter Feast, with, I believe, over 30 dishes. It was a culinary delight, especially the lavender cheesecake with a blueberry topping. We had dancing, singing and a charming puppet show.

oh the cheesecake!!

Which brings us to February, and a mutual birthday between Mary and me. We had a lovely tea in honor of the occasion. Here is a gown I don’t think I’ve shown before. I embroidered the bodice with silver thread (something I don’t recommend for the easily frustrated) The jury is still out on this gown as I’m not entirely sure I like bib fronts.

I may regret posting these, but I did make a new corset around this time which I am in love with. It makes all my gowns fit better and makes me look so nice. I have plans on making this again, but shorter waisted for ease at events like picnics.

Still with me? Excellent!
May brings us to the opening events of the town of Astoria’s Bicentennial celebration. Nora and I celebrated the year 1812 in style. Oh yeah, and we got to take a 3 hour cruise on a period appropriate vessel in the harbor. It’s ok. You can go ahead and be jealous now. Oh I have a new gown here, however, I’ve just detached the bodice form the skirt to revamp it, so I’ll probably show progress picture of that at some point.

We next had the notion to emulate Miss Austen’s Emma and gather our friends for a picnic and strawberry picking excursion in June. We were blessed with beautiful weather and many friends.

And now comes July, and the annual Pittock picnic. We had so much fun, we met many new friends, played blindman’s bluff, I saw some card playing and I believe some magic tricks. Nora and I each made a new gown; each entirely by hand. Each had intricate detail and we are prodigiously proud of them.

And brings us up to date! I have many projects in mind and have only to post about them as they happen. In theory, should be no problem.

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  1. We are quite a pair, aren't we? Our escapades listed in a year is LOVELY! And I am in love with your purple crossover. You are so talented. Onto another year of loveliness. Squee!!!! Regency Retreat!